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Aleksandra Petrovic Fabijan

Alex completed her PhD in phage biology at The University of Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2016 as part of the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (European Commission HUSRB 1203/214/250). She then moved to Australia to continue her postdoctoral career under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Iredell. Since 2018, Alex has been working as a lead phage scientist in the world’s first-in-human clinical trial of intravenous GMP-grade phage therapy (Petrovic-Fabijan et al, 2020 Nature Microbiology), where she studied bacteria-phage interaction and host response in critically ill patients receiving phage therapy. Alex has been recently awarded a 3-year (2022-24) fellowship from Office for Health and Medical Research NSW ($390k) that will support her research on bacterial cell and phage biology, with a special focus on interactions between clinically important bacteria such as L-forms and therapeutic phages. Alex is leading a lab side of Mycobacterium phage therapy at Westmead (Iredell Lab), developing diagnostic methods for therapeutic monitoring of phages and pioneering more accurate and reliable approaches for testing antimicrobial agents in vitro. Her research profile and publications are available at ResearchGate and Google Scholar. Qualifications: Overseas trained Division 1 Nurse, BSc (Honours), MSc and PhD in Phage Biology. Alex is an Executive Board Officer of the International Society of Viruses of Microbes (ISVM) and a member of the organising committee for the ISVM’s conference Viruses of Microbes 2024, Cairns. She is also part of the ESCMID Study Group for Non-traditional Antibacterial Therapy (ESGNTA), where she coordinated the ESCMID/ESGNTA education course on personalised phage therapy in 2022. Her Twitter handle is @PetrovicFabijan, and she officially handles the @VirusOfMicrobes Twitter account.

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