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A national network of phage researchers and clinician scientists who aim to professionalise phage therapy as the third major intervention for infectious diseases.
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Our journey to treating Dhanvi

In 2019, 7-year-old Dhanvi was in a car accident. The bones in her legs became infected with bacteria. Antibiotics didn't help, and she faced amputation

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How does phage therapy work?

If the right phage can be found in time, phages can be used like antibiotics to cure life-threatening bacterial infections

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Our approach to phage therapy

How we’re tackling phage therapy’s decades-long paradox using a personalised clinical trial

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Are you at a hospital in Australia? Are you with a patient advocate group? Do you run a phage lab, even outside of Australia? We’d still love to work with you.


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Iredell Lab

Lab Name
Iredell Lab
Contact Name
Jan Zheng
Contact Email
Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Registered Strains: 5396
Strain genera: Achromobacter (2), Acinetobacter (103), Aeromonas (4), Chryseobacterium (2), Citrobacter (231), Cupriavidus (1), Cupriviadus (1), Edwardsiella (1), Elizabethkingia (1), Enterobacter (837), Enterococcus (21), Escherichia (2477), Hafnia (7), Klebsiella (1106), Kluyvera (3), Morganella (26), Pantoea (3), Proteus (49), Providencia (4), Pseudomonas (316), Raoultella (1), Salmonella (9), Serratia (117), Shigella (26), Staphylococcus (43), Stenotrophomonas (4)
Registered Phages: 342
Phage host genera: Enterococcus (7), Escherichia (85), Klebsiella (48), Pseudomonas (30), Staphylococcus (47)
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View Registered Strains (5396)

The Bacteriophage Bank of Korea

Lab Name
The Bacteriophage Bank of Korea
Contact Name
Heejoon Myung
Contact Email
Lysentech, Hankuk Univsersity of Foreign Studies
Registered Strains: 0
Strain genera:
Registered Phages: 1964
Phage host genera: Acinetobacter (118), Campylobacter (102), Cronobacter (86), Enterobacter (199), Enterococcus (19), Escherichia (357), Klebsiella (102), Lactobacilus (7), Pectobacterium (1), Pseudomonas (249), Salmonella (229), Serratia (25), Shigella (107), Staphylococcus (8), salmonella (273), shigella (82)
View Registered Phages (1964)
View Registered Strains (0)


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An expert team, led by Director of the Centre of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) Professor Jon Iredell, is developing a key alternative to antibiotics and central to the treatment are phages…
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Leading the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Western Australia: The WA Phage website showcases the research journey and outputs of WA researchers from the Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre at the Telethon Kids Institute. The Phage WA website connects us with our community and provides up to date information on our collective mission to tackle anti-microbial resistance (AMR) through phage therapy.
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We are a network of clinicians, researchers, microbiologists, and engineers passionate about tackling the next existential threat to humanity

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