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Sivan Alkalay-Oren


  • · Student in the PhD direct-track program for honored students in the Hebrew university, guided by Prof. Ronen Hazan and Prof. Ran Nir-Paz.

    Research fields: Phage therapy compassionate treatment- research and development of the phage therapy field from the lab to compassionate treatment of patients, phage therapy in agriculture and bacterial communication systems in Listeria.  

  •  MBA - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and High-Tech Management track.

      **ACDEMIC EMPLOYMENT AND RESEARCH **   2017- present     Microbiology lab instructor. The Hebrew University. ** 2013- 2015            Student position in Prof. Guy Bloch lab, The Hebrew University. **  ** Project’s aim: **To understand the way genes expression effect division of labor in bumblebees (Bombus terrestris).   2011- 2012            Lab assistant in Prof. Gil Goobes lab. **Department of Chemistry, ** Bar-Ilan University. ** ** ** Project’s aim: Developing solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tools to understand the nature of proteins acting in hard tissues.   2008- 2009           Working at Prof. Elisha Gootwine lab, instructed by Dr. Shay Raicher. The Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University. ** Project’s aim: Examination of genetic variability in the structural gene CNGA3 that  causes day-blindness in sheep, and development of method for determining the individual genotype in the gene locus

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