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Brian Gloss

Dr Gloss has over a decade of bioinformatics experience in epigenomics, transcriptomics and single cell technologies. He received his PhD for work on the whole genome identification and characterisation of novel epigenetically silenced genes in ovarian cancer in 2012. His work as postdoctoral researcher in the Genome Informatics research lab at the Garvan Institute under Prof Marcel Dinger between 2013 and 2018 was supported by a Cancer Institute of NSW early career fellowship and a conjoint lecturer position at UNSW. During this time, he worked on noncoding RNA biology, genome annotation, single cell transcriptomics and clinical genomics. He then spent 1 year as a senior postdoctoral researcher with Prof Joseph Powell on single cell transcriptome technology before joining the Scientific Platforms team at Westmead Research Hub in 2019 to provide cutting edge informatics support to researchers.  His research interests revolve around unravelling molecular complexity in health and disease. Brian is involved in a number of collaborative projects worldwide using existing and emerging sequencing technologies to answer key questions in normal development and disease processes. Dr Gloss has published 18 papers in the last five years. He also holds an international patent for a novel method of using epigenetic marks for diagnosing cancer. He has a strong record of integrative omic studies in a clinically focused setting with recent publications in Blood, Frontiers in Immunology and Cell Reports.

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