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Pae7 Phage

  • Iredell lab
  • Isolation host: Pseudomonas aeruginosa JIP500
  • St Marys Water Recycling Plant St Mary's sewage (Sydney Water) Australia
  • Lytic on 27 hosts
  • No known toxin/virulence genes
  • No known lysogeny genes
  • No known antibiotic resistance genes
  • 0 references

Pae7 Data Categories

Phage Identification

Accession ID: PaP00007
All Names: Pae7, Pae-7
Cover image:
Phage Lab ID: JIPh
Project: Biobank
Phage Common Name: Pae7
Taxonomy: Myoviridae; Pbunavirus
Origin / Provenance: Matt Smith, Aleksandra Petrovic Fabijan, Ali Khalid, Iredell lab
Origin Curator / Provenance: Iredell lab

Phage Isolation

Isolation Bacteria ID: JIP500
Isolation host genus: Pseudomonas
Isolation host species: aeruginosa
Isolation host strain: JIP500
Isolation geographical location: St Marys Water Recycling Plant
Isolation date: 01/08/2020
Isolation source: St Mary's sewage (Sydney Water)
Isolation source type: Sewage
Isolation source country: Australia

Genomic Phage Char

Date sequencing completed: 2020/02/27
Sequencing facility: ICPMR
Sequencing method: Illumina
Sequencing platform: NextSeq 500
Approximate sequencing coverage: 2600X
Chromosome Shape (circular, linear): circular
Genome size (bp): 66217
Nucleic acid type: DNA
Genomic closest hit / match: Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeM_PAO1_Ab27
Annotating institution: Nouri Ben Zakour / WIMR
Annotating tools + versions: FastQC v0.11.5 Abricate, 0.8.13 Kraken, 2.0.8 MegaHit,1.2.3 Prokka,1.14.6 TrimmomaticPE, 0.36 Unicycler,0.4.8 VIBRANT, v1.2.0 vConTACT2, 0.9.19
%GC Content: 55.50%
Number of CDSs: 91
Number of tRNAs: 0
% Reads: 5.18
Genome passes safety checks: yes
Accession number of closest relative: NC_026586.1
rRNAs: 0
tmRNAs: 0

Physical Phage Char

Plaque size: 3.90
Plaque size type (rough category): >3mm
Plaque shape: circular
Plaque halo: yes
Plaque clarity: clear
Plaque images:

Phylogenetic Phage Char

Family: Myoviridae
Genus: Pbunavirus
Observed life cycle: lytic

Biological Phage Char

Host range: JIP 500,PAO1,PAER_C23_1,PAER_C23_2,PAER_C23_3,PAER_C16_1,PAER_C16_2,JIP 477,JIP 502,JIP 540,JIP 544,JIP 549,JIP 586,JIP 595,JIP 649,JIP 655,JIP 661,JIP 689,JIP 697,JIP 752,JIP 761,JIP 765,JIP 779,JIP 824,JIP 841,JIP 860,JIP 866
Kinetics / Growth Curve:
Antibiotic synergies: No synergies known
Antibiotic antagonisms: No antagonisms known
Efficacy in (suitable) animal or human ex vivo model: Not tested
Successful use in human (STAMP or RCT): Not used

Phage Manufacturing

Manufacturing Bacteria IDs: PAO1


Pae7 Data Dictionary

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